Thanks to the network consolidated in years of presence in emerging markets - Africa, South America, Middle East - Nova Lando selects market related products suitable for countries in which it operates.
The most significant products are the following:


Sterifum - high spectrum environmental fumigating disinfectant

Sterifum is an innovative disinfectant product, highly effective and easy to use, for a complete and capillary
disinfection of poultry houses.
It is a high spectrum environmental fumigating disinfectant which releases, slowly and continuously, hot gas of pure formaldehyde for about 3 hours.

Nicem Spa

Nicem spa is an Italian company that since 1970 has been designing and
manufacturing machines/plants and products for different sectors:

  • Professional catering
  • Industrial washing machines
  • Centrifugal casting
  • High tech silicone rubbers for micro casting / centrifugal casting
  • Artistic enamelling
  • Vibratory finishing (surface treatments)
  • Laboratory presses for rubbers
  • Furnaces for abrasive discs


iPratico® POS PRO is more than a simple POS, it is the business partner you've always dreamt of: fast, easy to use and beautiful to look at.
iPratico® was the first POS in the world to be designed for iPad and published on the App Store. Thanks to iPratico® POS PRO you can manage all of your business: the orders, the sales analysis, the statistics and the loyalty of your customers!

E.G. Technology

Production and laying of natural stone coverings
E.G. Technology was founded by entrepreneurs with 25 years’ experience in the stone-working sector.
The meticulous craftsmanship together with highly advanced technology and the use of raw materials from selected quarries, some of which owned, allow them to best meet the needs of our Customers.


An innovative way to provide drinkable water
The water vapor present in the atmosphere is condensed into water, collected and treated to ensure potability.
The process include mechanical filtration, controlled disinfection by dosage of ozone or chlorine dioxide, active mineralization, refrigeration and sterilization with UV rays. The quality of the water obtained complies with the most stringent potability standards.