Logistics, Support base and Agency services

NOVA LANDO West Africa Limited is an International Services Company with seasoned professionals involved in-dept oil and gas Logistics expertise  to NOC’s IOC’s, Services and Project company in Nigeria and the West Africa Sub-Region. The Company is also incorporated as an independent company in Nigeria; specialising in Supply Chain Management and Agency  Services for Oil & Gas Sector.

Facility and Equipment
We provide you Storage Facility which includes
Paved Industrial Area
Jetty space
Silos for Bulking
Equipment- Lease Rate can be hourly, Daily or monthly 

As part of the logistics services provided by Novalando West Africa Limited, we offer a range of equipment lease ranging from Trucks, Forklifts, Cranes and all types of utility Vehicles.

Dedicated Equipment & Personnel Service Supply
To work as one team to continuously improve integrated logistical services focusing on Operational Excellence (safety, health, environment, reliability and efficiency)
We provide:

  • Base Logistics Coordinators - Responsible to control Materials by liaising with your personnel and fleet Supervisor
  • Material Clerks - Records keeping and managing the stock materials.
  • Quality Control Supervisors - to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Cargo Handling Operation

As part of services provided by Novalando West African Limited, our Agency department  monitors  the  movement  of  support  vessels,  rigs,  tug boats  and  barges  IN/OUT  of  the  NPA  seaports,  private  jetties, terminals,   platforms   and   rig   locations   in   the   four   compulsory pilotage districts (A,B,C and D) and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
Our services includes acting as Charterer’s Agent

  • Support Vessel from Rig :  Cargo offload reception operations

  • Cargo handling and transfer within the base to Storage Area.

  • Supply base Services onshore and offshore

  • Racking Activity, Mooring of Vessel at Jetty.